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"Found this product at the Cherokee Service Area on I-40, West of Oklahoma City, recently. It's Great! My wife will be in Lamar within the next 3 weeks and will certainly be bringing more caramel corn home!!"

~ Charlie Maddox

Believe it or not, popcorn makes that popping sound because each tiny kernel contains a little droplet of water inside of it!

When you heat popcorn, the droplet of water inside of the kernel heats up too. Heating up that droplet of water causes it to expand and get bigger while it turns into steam. Eventually this causes so much pressure inside the kernel of corn that the whole thing just – pop! – bursts open! This basically turns the popcorn kernel inside-out so that the starchy insides end up on the outside!

Here is a great video showing a kernal of popcorn popping in slow motion.

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